WTF!?! Taking Weird Movie Night to the extreme.

We’re hosting WMN this time and we are pulling out all the stops on the weirdness meter.  The opener is going to come from the king of weird here in the US… no not Tim Burton… Tim is weird and amazing… but he has to step back and recognize the ultimate weirdness that is David Lynch.  Now the instinct would be to pull out Mr Lynch’s debut opus Eraserhead as it certainly brings the weird.  But there is a lesser known Lynchian work that draws you further into its twisted world before it shatters your mind and that movie is Mulholland Drive(US 2001).  The only problem with showing this movie first is the discussion that follows trying to figure it out.

We are also thinking of throwing in a bit of Lynch’s relatively unknown short series called Rabbits.  No one to date has figured out WTF Lynch was thinking when he made this series.  A doctors permission slip is required to view all of these shorts so in the interest of the mental health of our friends we will only expose them to a few of them (shades of Brain Storm).

Once the people get their head around Lynch we are gonna pistol whip them with Pistol Opera (Japan 2001).  Its difficult to explain Pistol Opera.  Even after you’ve seen it several times.  Suffice to say that style was much more important to the director than …. well pretty much everything else.  Further this movie is a sequel to a movie made in the ’60s (Branded To Kill) which no one understood then either.  Same director.  Same weirdness.  Same WTF?!?!


Weird Movie Night 8/14/09 Things that just don’t really go together.

First and intro.  Weird Movie Night is a group we have of friends who get together every two weeks to watch a pair of weird movies (in theory).  This can be oddities found in B-Movie piles or foreign films that most have never seen before.  Anything that is out of the ordinary.  Out of the box.  Oh and we try to do dinner in theme with the movie selections… if possible.

So the movie theme tonight is Things that just don’t really go together.  Nolan is hosting, which means tasty food but late show time.  The movies are Castle in the Sky and Saving Private Ryan.  Eeek… those don’t go together.